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Few materials compare to carpet

Carpet has always been the only existing soft-surface floor covering, therefore it’s also always been the plushest flooring available. The softness not only feels great underfoot, but it provides other benefits as well. It also hosts an array of stunning solid colors, patterns, and designs, for easy decor matching. Depending on the brand you choose and the benefits needed, you could easily find your new “favorite” in this flooring line.

The softness you’ll find in carpet does so much more than offer the most comfortable flooring available. It also provides a safe, stable space for the youngest members of your family, who may be just learning to walk. On the other hand, the elderly can benefit as well, with a more stable surface for their walking aids. In either case, falls are less likely to happen, which gives everyone a little more peace of mind. But that softness does more.

You’ll find, immediately after the installation of your carpet, that your home is so much more peaceful. The noise reduction is dramatic, even homes with children and pets seem quieter. The flooring, along with its underpadding, also acts as another layer of insulation too, retaining much of the heat created in the winter months. This is a benefit that actually pays you back over time.

Other benefits you can expect, based on the brand chosen, include excellent stain resistance, a great lifespan, and even hypoallergenic fibers to keep you breathing easy, no matter the season. If these features appeal to you, be sure to let one of our associates further explain.

Carpet should always be installed by an experienced installation team. They have all the necessary tools and experience to make your floors spring to life, just as you want and need them to. Even with staircases, oddly shapes spaces or fireplace hearths, the job will be done right, every time.

The Floor Store proudly serves the communities of North Chesterfield, Midlothian, Richmond, Henrico, and Powhatan, all from our showroom in North Chesterfield, VA. When you visit us, you’ll find an excellent selection of flooring materials and the services that help put them all together, just for you. Be sure to let us know exactly what you need and our associates will be sure to match you with a floor covering that covers them all.