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Look at what you’ll gain with ceramic & porcelain flooring

There’s no doubt about the amazing benefits you’ll find in place when you choose ceramic & porcelain flooring tiles. Of course, you’re likely to already know that they are extremely durable and water-resistant, making them perfect for certain spaces. But you should also know the benefits that make them a great choice for every other space in your home as well. Benefits such as extreme durability, long lifespan, and one of the most elegant materials you could ever put in place. To find out more, let’s look further.

Ceramic & porcelain, though very similar, are two separate products. However, they can often be used in all the same areas, with the same great results. The most important things to know are that ceramic does not have the same through-body color scheme that porcelain does, so it will show chips and cracks more easily, and porcelain is a bit harder and denser. In most cases, it won’t matter which one you choose, because both are very similar. Only in extreme cases, where the utmost durability and water-resistance are needed, would the choice of porcelain over ceramic be recommended.

Both materials can be used in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens with no problem. In these areas, they can also be utilized as countertops and backsplashes, because they are so resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria growth. They aren’t porous either, which means stains are virtually nonexistent. You’ll be able to clean them with ease, and never have to worry about foul odors that can come as a result.

The diversity of formats with ceramic & porcelain offers a wide range of decorating possibilities. From a variety of sizes that range from postage-stamp to 24” by 24”, you can create a huge variety of appearances. You can also choose glazed or unglazed, differently colored tiles, or mosaics. It’s all possible with ceramic & porcelain flooring tiles.

At The Floor Store, you’ll find all your flooring needs quickly taken care of. When you enter our North Chesterfield, VA showroom, our associates will be ready to help you browse our great selection of flooring materials. We’ll also help you plan your whole flooring experience, complete with necessary services, just as we’ve already done for the areas of North Chesterfield, Midlothian, Richmond, Henrico, and Powhatan for many years. When you’re ready to get started, stop by for a visit. Our associates will be standing by.