If you are considering tile for your home, you'll be pleased with your choice. Whether it's the spa-like bathroom or the updated kitchen, you’ll find floor tile gives you many options. You can find your preferences at The Floor Store, whatever your decorating style may be. Our tile store is in North Chesterfield, VA.


Ceramic tile is a coarse clay tile that goes through a hot kiln to get it to harden the way you want it. Ceramic tiles are of a standard size, and the colors are neutral. However, there are unique designs available. To add to the visual, you can have colored grout added to the tile. It isn’t waterproof until it is glazed. Ceramic is not as dense or hard as porcelain, so it is easier to cut, affecting how long it takes to be installed.


Porcelain is made of Kaolin clay. It is still considered a ceramic. When it is fired in the kiln, it is at a hotter temperature than ceramic. Porcelain’s features are that it can stand up to heavy foot traffic, resist stains and scratches, and has many options for colorful designs. It is more costly than ceramic. It can even be made to look like wood or stone, expanding your décor options.

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