Floor tile is durable and can last up to 50 years. Like all floors, however, they'll need some care and cleaning. So here are some tips on keeping it in top shape.

Remember, sand and dirt can dull and scratch

Sweep or vacuum them two or three times a week. Get into corners and under cabinets–anywhere dirt can hide.
Make sure the broom has soft bristles so it won't scratch. Vacuums also need to be set on "hard floors."

About mopping

The general rule is to mop bathroom floors once a week; kitchen floors every other week.

Many in our tile store say they do it more often because they have kids, pets, or heavy foot traffic. Your lifestyle will determine the schedule.

Combine a mild soap with hot water. Use a multi-fiber mop or cloth because sponge mops push the dirt around. Change the water frequently, or your floor will be left with a film.

Prevention is better than cure

Conduct everyday due diligence. Wipe down walls, floors and grout, Don't let the dirt get ahead of you, especially with grout. It'll make cleaning that much harder.

Also, ask the professionals in our tile shop about grout sealing. It can sometimes make it easier to keep clean.

Consider placing mats or area rugs strategically in high-traffic areas. They will alleviate the stress of footsteps. Some even use padding under the mats.

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